CKC registered Golden Retriever “Jude”

Offered for stud to approved females with clean bill of health, and hip clearances.
Golden Retrievers: $1000
Poodles: $2000

Jude exceeds the standard for the breed. A symmetrical, powerful, active dog with a kindly expression and possessing a personality that is eager, alert and self-confident. His friendly, happy, steadfast and gentle temperament is a true representation of the breed.

Head: Jude has a broad head, with a good stop. His bite is perfect. Black pigment is noted on his nose, around his eyes, and feet.
Size: 23 inches at withers
Neck: Medium long muscular neck
Body: Well-balanced, short coupled and deep through the heart.
Forequarters: Shoulder blades are wide, long and muscular showing correct angulation.
Hindquarters: Well-bent stifles with straight legs when viewed from the rear. Medium sized, round compact thick pads.
Tail: Full feathered tail set on a natural line of the body, carried with merry action.
Gait: Jude has a smooth, powerful and well coordinated gait.


Hips: OFA – excellent
Elbows: OFA – excellent
Knees: OFA – excellent
Cardiac: Clearance from DVM