Light-red Standard Poodle

From a great breeder in Quebec, Jazz is a large, light red Standard (Royal) Poodle.  Jazz is very fit and athletic, but  also laid-back and likes nothing better than curling up with us at night on the sofa in front of the fire.  Jazz’s favourite activity in our 10 acre dog park is to sniff out mice with her acute sense of smell and keen interest.  She is also very fit and agile as she can catch a high flying ball mid air after watching its trajectory, just like an outfielder.

Jazz is an unbelievable mother; very attentive, caring and loving to her pups.  She is also currently the alpha female, and makes it her business to make sure the other mothers are doing a good job looking after their babies.

Jazz and Jude - proud parents of many pups



Parti-colored Standard Poodle

 Jackie is a Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered standard poodle. Because of her unique markings, she is referred to as a “Parti-Poodle”; parti – meaning “two” as in two coloured.

Parti-coloring is defined as a poodle having at least 50% white, with spots or patches of any other acceptable solid color. The head can be of a solid color but white muzzle, blaze, or white muzzle/blaze combination.

The “parti poodle” is the original poodle. When describing, drawing and painting poodles in the 1400s to 1800s artists painted poodles as parti-colored. It wasn’t until the early 1900s did the horrendous act of killing parti poodles become discouraged. During that time solid became the preferred color, and the popularity made its way into the United States here these poodles were discourage from being bred. Today although the CKC recognizes parti-poodles, they are still not allowed in the show ring. They were almost extinct, but a few dedicated breeders have done their best to keep the genetics, and they are now becoming more popular. Hopefully they will be allowed back into the show ring soon.

Jackie with her new born pups

Jackie enjoying the snow



Apricot Standard Poodle

Georgie is our newest mom. She is a very light apricot standard poodle who lives with in Kanata with our sister and brother-in-law and 3 very active boys.  She loves to go for walks, chase the puck on the frozen pond in the yard and cozy up with the kids in front of the fire and TV after a long active day.

NEWS ALERT!!!   Georgie is expecting her first litter the first week of June 2015.  Ultrasound has revealed at least 5 pups! ( difficult to sometimes nail it down exactly).  We are starting to take reservations.  These pups will be ready to go home 8 weeks after they are born (approximately end of July).   Contact us now, so you aren’t disappointed.  Oh yah, the father is Jude!

Georgie after a busy day....



Apricot miniature Poodle

Jagger is a sweet, smart apricot miniature poodle is the next rock star of DoodlesCanada

Jude 1


Golden Retriever

Our new cool Dood is Jude. This handsome Golden Retriever stud is a big goof and very affectionate! Not a mean bone in his body!

The pups first 8 weeks….

Since the puppies are born in our home, they know the regular sounds of the household such as a vacuum cleaner and the phone right from the beginning. They are used to kids, cats and chaos!!!

To socialize the puppies to new sounds, feelings and people, they are gently socialized several times a day. This ensures a quiet, calm and easily adaptable household companion.

Prenatal Care & Ultrasounds

Here at Doodles Canada each pregnancy is monitored with obstetrical ultrasound.   Janice is a credentialed sonographer with over 25 years of experience.  We have our own ultrasound machine which helps us establish the number of embryos, their viability and also assists with labour and assessing presentation and other obstetrical potential complications allowing for a safe and healthy delivery

With ultrasound and with x-ray it is difficult to exactly tell how many puppy embryos there are. That being said, both methods far exceed uterine palpation. Ultrasound does not go through bowel, and if part of the uterus is lying beneath a bowel loop, it could obscure a pup. Ultrasound, can tell earlier than x-ray however, if the female is pregnant. We can count gestational sacs at about 17 days gestation.   The total pregnancy is 62 days (give or take a day or so).

On August 7, calipers measuring 5.9 mm crown rump length of one puppy at 3 weeks gestation Fetal heart pulsations were seen in the fetuses.

On August 7, calipers measuring 5.9 mm crown rump length of one puppy at 3 weeks gestation Fetal heart pulsations were seen in the fetuses.


3 week ultrasound showing 5 gestational sacs.


Within the larger black circle (gestational sac) there is a tiny white circular structurew with a black center.  That is the yolk sac. Every embryo has one. The yolk sac provides nutrition to the embryo, until the placenta is mature enough to take over in a week or so.


Fetal puppy umbilical cord Doppler. The red line in the top half of the image is a colour Doppler image of the umbilical artery within the umbilical cord.  It pulses at the same rate as the fetuses heart rate.


Embryo measuring crown rump length of 3.3 cm. If this was a human embryo it would be 10 weeks 1 day old. (see human calculations on bottom left of image).  This puppy embryo is about 4 weeks 2 days. This dog embryo has a very similar appearance to a human embryo.


M-mode(or motion-mode)  recording fetal puppy heart rate. The wavy pulsations in the middle of the tracing correspond to the heart beat.


On August 15 – 4 week old embryo; note the 4 tiny limb buds.  You cannot see the tail, just the head and abdomen which almost look the same size (like a snowman).


4 weeks – double dotted white horizontal line is the spine.


Puppy—4 weeks—FACE — note the two orbits and the snout looking at you.