Sorry. We have no puppies available and are no longer breeding Goldendoodle dogs.

Our puppies

Very people-focused dogs as they are hand raised in our farm home.  The parents are all member of our family.  Our Doodles have the eager to please nature of their Golden Retriever dad Jude and the wonderful intelligence of their moms – our standard poodles.   The have a great ‘on-off” switch.  When you want to go for a run they are into it… but are just as into snuggling up with you on the sofa for a quiet afternoon snooze.


Over 10 years experience breeding dogs – with a life time of loving dogs.  We have always had dogs in our lives and can’t imagine a home without one.  The pups come PRE-LOVED at no charge!!!

You choose

You pick out your own puppy ( we select by a fair process of first deposit accepted gets first pick, 2nd deposit gets second pick etc…)



F1 purebred parentage.


Quality, handsome and gorgeous parents who live on a farm and are part of our family.

Watch the slider on the home page AND check out the page called “BEFORE AND AFTER”  for photos of some of our pups with their new families.


We have many, many happy families who would be pleased to talk to you one on one – or even have you visit them to see their wonderful Doodle from us.

We started a Facebook page called Goldendoodles Canada.  It is open to everyone who loves this breed – but most of the over 250 people are our families and their families and friends.  So please “LIKE” us and feel free to ask questions about Doodles to our group.  Everyone is very friendly with great advice and knowledge.